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We deliver a wide range of solutions that help businesses promote and monetise their brands via smart devices.

Below are a few generic examples, contact us for more information.

Consultancy - We have a range of scalable consultancy packages designed to help  identify the right mobile marketing strategy for you, leading with AR. We don’t just consult – we design, deliver & support ensuring a seamless, stress free transition to customer & staff engagement via their smartphones and tablets.

 Augmented Reality (AR) - User Image Recognition Software ‘klips’ digital content such as video clips or 3D animation to real life ‘triggers’ such as documents, logos, buildings & packaging.

AR advertising is an excellent user friendly way of engaging with customers via their smart devices. Once you have entertained & inspired them, loyalty based mobile marketing should evolve naturally with customers opting in to more interuptive initiatives.

NFC – Near Field Communication is a low-speed, two-way, remotely programmable system for smart devices to communicate between each other within a range of 10cm.

Based on Radio-Frequency Identification (RIFID), NFC is used to facilitate a variety of contactless transactions such as mobile payment systems as well as a wide range of programmable smartphone tasks such as app loading, texting sending, Bluetooth configuration and data sharing.

QR Codes – Quick Response Codes are 2d matrix barcodes designed to provide hi-speed access to data or URL links. Popular in retail, they allow the user to instantly scan products instore to gain more information providing excellent market research data back to retailers in terms of customer choice and practice.

Business Apps - We can design apps for any purpose or sector ranging from the basic to the highly complex. Contact us to arrange a Business App Review – This will comprise of initial App Consultancy to review your current app(s) if you have any and to assess what your competitors are doing. Finally we will work with you to establish how we can help put your business at the forefront of your sector by creating a market leading bespoke app for you.

Mobile Landing Pages - Over 60% of smartphone users expect their mobile web experience to be as good as their computer browsers offer. Unless you have a specially adapted mobile landing page its highly probable you will disappoint mobile users and possibly lose business as a consequence. We can quickly create mobile landing pages that facilitate a simple, clear and productive online experience for your customers to ensure you maximise your brands internet satisfaction profile.

Contact us to find out more about these and other leading-edge mobile solutions. 

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