Get on board now – The Mobile ‘ship’ is sailing!

You need a strategy

Mobile Marketing is still in its infancy and nearly 70% of large companies don’t have a strategy yet.

Jump forward 5 years and it’s not hard to imagine that mobile devices have replaced many PCs (in countries like India the PC is being by-passed in favour of smartphones).

Get on board now – the Mobile ‘ship’ is sailing!

How big do we go?

We have product inclusive consultancy packages to suit ​any size of business from the local bar wishing to engage with its customers & keep them up to date with upcoming events to the largest multi-divisional international companies who need their varied content to be region specific while triggering from global images such as corporate logos and branding.

Branding & Identity

AR advertising via smartphones is all about brand promotion and customer engagement. Reach out to your targeted audience in their daily lives via simple yet entertaining AR ‘Klips’ or with jaw dropping 3D / CGI generated AR content that elevates your Brand and affirms your market Identity above your peers who are not yet plugged into 21st Century Marketing.

Social Media inclusive

Mobile Marketing at its best is a holistic customer engagement strategy that reaches out to your target audience via their smartphones into all their social media platforms. More people are accessing Facebook & Twitter via their mobile phones so we offer Social Media inclusive solutions as part of your overall, bespoke, mobile marketing strategy.

We’re your virtual team!

It’s simple. Your business is running your business. Keeping up to date with rapidly evolving technologies and an ever increasing number of mobile platforms is a full-time specialist occupation. That’s where Apparmo step in. We provide excellent advice & bespoke products & services at a price significantly less than it would cost for you to achieve in-house.

Mobile Marketing Sense

Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety of options for connecting with customers via mobile marketing. We are here to help!

Apparmo offer both propriety and vendor agnostic solutions that cut out resource wasting and build in clear ROI sensitive roadmaps for maximising customer engagement & loyalty.

We know the territory, let us be your guide!

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Augmented Reality and Education

Presenting on #AugmentedReality  


(Introduction by @LauraLME

The benefits of Social Media have been largely explained, illustrated and promoted, but nothing gives a better idea about the positive effects of social networking and interaction, as the amazing experience of sharing, exchanging and in this case, being part of a great project: Augmented Reality Presentations.


Charles Cooper , High-school American Government & Texas and American Government College Instructor, 2012 Humanities Texas and 2013 Northwest District Teacher of the year awards, lover of the humanities & burgeoning tech-geek, @Thrasymachus on Twitter


Jill Compher, AP Psychology instructor at Northwest high school , Semifinalist-2010 O’Donnell AP Teacher Award, @JillCompher on Twitter

Charles and Jill have already presented AR technology to different audiences and they are planning new presentations and training sessions in September.

We’ll follow them closely (literally on the web) and keep spreading the word about their AR presentations journey.

Here at Apparmo, we are excited to be one of the organizations participating to their AR training projects.


Enjoy this great article by Charles Cooper:

Layered Learning – Presenting on Augmented Reality

*Note: to view the augmented reality media on these pages, you must download Aurasma and Yo2Mo “Windows” apps. 

In Aurasma, search  for and follow the “Thrasymachus” and “Compher Social Sciences” channels (much like you would follow someone on Twitter).

PICTURE 1 ARTICLE    When A Day Made of Glass video first came out (scenes left and below), it ignited an excitement in teachers for the long term technological direction education was going toward.  In the video, a thin futuristic Corning glass tablet, approximating an iPad, seamlessly managed all of the multimedia needs of the adults and students, doctors and teachers in public and private settings. It all seemed miles away…

In particular, a short clip within this groundbreaking video stuck with me. You can see it here. In it school age children walked through a forest with an iPad looking device.

When the children activated the viewing device by getting near an orange sphere, the forest, via the device, came alive with dinosaurs.  Students could hold their glass tablet in any and all directions to see virtual dinosaurs in HD throughout the forest.  It was a scene mixing elements of Doctor Who and Jurassic Park.  With efforts from groups like Aurasma  and Apparmo, that futuristic day is here much, much sooner than most ever thought it would be.


PIC3   Over the past month or so, my partner in crime, Jill (@JillCompher), and I have had three opportunities to present augmented reality to administrators, education tech experts, and teachers in three different setting.  In June we presented to a very large audience of administrators, techies, and teachers in Frisco, Texas at the Texas ASCD Ignite13 Conference.  When we played our introduction  to Augmented Reality Youtube  video  the buzz began.

As is often the case, ideas that sell in the commercial world find their way into the classroom setting.  So, after our video, in the last presentation we featured some images enabled by the Apparmo/Yo2Mo “Window” app.    PIC4

We demonstrated how, unlike a two dimensional and often visually distracting QR code, fantastic videos, click throughs, interactive trivia questions, or (with a tap of the screen) even a phone call or text message could be programmed into the layered video that pops up.  Major brands like Honda and Yamaha as well as Marvel Comics and GQ magazine are increasingly turning to Augmented Reality to engage their customers. Why couldn’t this also engage our students?

We showed this Metaio video and were met with wide eyes and excitement.  Everyone was floored.  However, watching cool augmented reality is not the same as engaging kids with the technology or having them become authors of their own augmented reality projects.

PIC5      In our video we try to show that Augmented Reality isn’t simply a one-trick pony or yet another one dimensional toy that will bore students in a semester or two.  By structuring our auras around Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning levels, we sought to show people attending our sessions that augmented reality has real staying power in the educational setting.  Not only is it visually appealing, but with a little imagination and a link to some open ended questions or PBL assignments, it can be a spark that enflames the Promethean embers of our students minds.

PIC6For example, you can post student work in the hallway and layer a video of them reflecting on their own work.  Further, you can have students watch a famous Shakespearean passage, program your Augmented Reality app to allow students to single tap the video to send them to some discussion or essay questions.  Finally, you can simply have students create their own auras or video overlays and share with the class as an extension of nearly any unit or lesson (ex. book reports layered on book covers, video explanation of a lab layered on the actual lab write up, OR layer students working through math problems and sharing that layered video with parents or other students).

PIC7  Instructors can also layer a video on the hallway room number with daily messages or a simple greeting for parents during “meet the teacher” night as they walk in.  The possibilities are quite literally, endless (if you follow the “Thrasymachus”, “Compher Social Sciences” and “Northwest HS” channels on Aurasma and view the three images in this paragraph or on my blog, you’ll get a taste of what I’m referring to).

The following two images are from our various professional development sessions with augmented reality.

PIC8  You can see the interest in the body language of the participants.  Imagine how students will react in your classroom!  Of course, engaging visuals are fine, but you must extend with high cognitive level assignments that connect the augmented world to the needs of the students in developing their skills and knowledge.  Students will always ask the proper and pragmatic question “What does this do for me?  How does this make my life better?”  This new technology is not a standalone object.  It should fit within a well-developed curriculum that increases rigor, relevance and helps to build stronger relationships with your students.

PIC9 As instructors, we respect students by challenging them and addressing them as if their future selves were in the classroom with us.  Augmented reality and those organizations like Aurasma and Apparmo bring us closer to realizing that soul enriching respect by adding authentically engaging depth to the classroom in an exciting and meaningful way.

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Augmented reality for vehicle exploration

Originally posted on LAVREB:


vehicle exploration


Vectorform shows visionary sales application for Google Glass

Hardly any technology in recent times has been as controversial to society as Google Glass. Many have opinions, yet few have actually had the opportunity to experience the device first-hand. When it comes to “true” Augmented Reality, what is Glass really capable of? Vectorform – one of the leading agencies for technology and design has for some time now been hard at work developing applications for mobile devices such as data glasses. In association with Mediaplus and Serviceplan, Vectorform has become the first company in Germany to develop an AR vehicle exploration tool. Launching on the BMW i8 hybrid supercar, the Augmented Reality technology powered by Metaio (SDK) combined with Google Glass allows users a first-hand look at the super-cool BMW i8 like never before ….[READ]

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Check out this video to see the magic of Augmented Reality blending with creativity! Klip triggered from the cover of the eBook “Verses in Motion” using KlipAR 

Download KlipAR,  the  new Apparmo AR app & experience Augmented Reality and its endless possibilities for promoting your brand.


Connect with us!  Join our web community ! We are your virtual mobile team.  


we really value your feedback. If you’re seeking a mobile solution that you haven’t seen on our site, let us know… We can usually source it for you >

Innovative Mobile Solutions 

We deliver a wide range of mobile advertising solutions that help businesses promote and monetise their brands via smart devices.

augmented reality, augmented reality app, augmented reality apps, mobile app, mobile apps.36502a_27bd84b056c74cb093e9d3ad0313b0dc.png_srz_165_256_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

With KlipAR you can enjoy the AR solutions by @ApparmoAR 

Check out some of our Projects 

London Boat Show 2014 (Demo)

London Boat Show 2014 (Sunseeker Demo)

130D Testimonial (Demo)

In an ever changing communications world, it makes sense to stay ahead of the field of mobile apps. Mobile Marketing is the new ‘direct mail’ but with far greater potential, we all have our mobiles with us 24/7… so…

​How will you engage with your customers, keep them interested & monetise them with Mobile Marketing?​​

We lead with Augmented Reality marketing because it’s an exciting, leading edge & user friendly ‘soft entry’ into customer engagement via  smartphones. We can provide you with your own branded Augmented Reality app at a very reasonable rate or an entire ‘virtual creative team’ at less than it would cost you to employ one specialist…

Once your target audience has willingly interacted with you via your AR content and enjoyed the experience, more ambitious & interruptive campaigns in the future should engage them naturally.

We live & breathe creativity.  And we are committed to enhancing Mobile Experience.

Call 0800 669 6266 today for a free marketing consultation


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#mercuriosocialmedia : Circles

Originally posted on mercuriosocialmedia:

circles MSM Article

Circles are awesome!

Think about how many wonderful things in nature and in our everyday life, remind us of circles and spheres:

  • the earth, continuously pulled into a spherical shape by gravity;
  • the moon, mysterious and romantic, the only other celestial body on which humans have set foot;
  • the pattern of drops hitting the water of a lake;
  • concentric circles in landscape architecture;
  • crop circles; mathematical fractals;
  • spirals, pirouettes, donuts, footballs, vinyl records…

The list is endless!

One of the most fascinating things about circles, is their curved shape without sharp angles, limitless in their rolling action, capable of fluid movements and communicating continuous energy, endless flow.

Let’s now transfer these characteristics to other concepts, such as: literary circles, social circles and the most sought after “spherical concept” of our modern times: Social Media Circles, not solely intended as circles in the “Google sense”…

When we interact online, sharing news…

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Atheer plans an augmented reality-equipped hardhat

Featured Image -- 3892

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Atheer’s planned consumer augmented reality glasses may be no more, but the startup is already busy preparing to release a different first product: a hardhat.

“We want to introduce a new category of electronics to nurses, to doctors, to construction workers,” CTO and Co-counder Allen Yang said in an interview. “Fundamentally, they don’t want to wear another thing if they don’t have to. For construction workers, they are required to wear helmets. They are required to wear safety glasses anyway. We can transform our technology into something they can use on a daily basis.”

The helmet will feature a visor that has all of the capabilities of Atheer’s regular augmented reality glasses–from viewing the blueprints for an engine to pulling up images and emails. It will be most useful for people working in construction, oil, mining, mechanical engineering and any other field that calls for doing messy physical work while also relying…

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TED Talks: Augmented Reality



Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts demonstrate Aurasma, a new augmented reality tool that can seamlessly animate the world as seen through a smartphone. Going beyond previous augmented reality, their “auras” can do everything from making a painting talk to overlaying live news onto a printed newspaper.

Virtual reality will become the computing platform for Facebook

Originally posted on LAVREB:


Facebook: We will be investing ‘aggressively’ in virtual reality

Facebook will be “investing aggressively” in virtual reality, company executives said on an earnings call yesterday. The company closed on a $2 billion acquisition of virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR earlier this week. “We’re not getting into more specifics on the exact headcounts,” said Facebook CFO Dave Wehner. “But we believe those are significant opportunities in the long run and so we’re going to be investing aggressively accordingly.”CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined the company’s vision for the device, which includes continued investment and a long-term perspective. In particular, virtual reality is part of the company’s 10-year goals, which include “connecting everyone, understanding the world, helping to build the knowledge economy and these future platforms.” ….[READ]

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4 Ways to Make Your Print Interactive

Featured Image -- 3883

Originally posted on Dreaming in CMYK:

In today’s world, it’s no secret that marketers are looking for ways to interact and engage their audiences to build on the brand experience.

Most people think of social media and mobile when they think about engaging their consumers, but there’s a whole realm of possibilities to make a memorable interaction when you use the power of print.

Below are just 4 ways brands are utilizing the tactile medium to drive interactions, whether they be simply with the printed piece or a bridge to the digital world.

1. Get Funky With Your Print Self

Die cuts, pop-ups and just a little creativity can truly bring a piece to life.

Paper Specs recently shared this beautiful pop-up children’s book:

Design Taxi featured another unique book utilizing a paper slider that actually animates the images you see on the page.


2. Winter is Coming – Put Your Coat On

Coatings can…

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Pepsi – Augmented Reality packaging

Originally posted on Victoria Waterman's Retail World:

I’ve only just seen this World Cup packaging made by Pepsi which uses augmented reality to bring the product to life, through scanning in a football players face using app Blippar.

Blippar registers the footballers face which then leads to a graphic of the Pepsi bottle opening up, then options to play a game, watch videos or download music.

It’s a really cool use of technology and very interesting to see something simple like a bottle unlock great branded content.






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